The GHRSSIDC is functioning as an Export House for export of Goan and Indian unique artifacts and hand crafted items. Currently, the Company is looking out for tie up with  importers from USA, Europe and other countries for export of Goan/ Indian Handicrafts. We cater to vide range of handicraft export segment such as utility, decorative crafts and giftware, tribal handicrafts, etc. Each one of our hand crafted items are unique and carry a guarantee of being hand crafted by Indian artisans. We have over 1500 items for exports  in over 17 categories of hand crafted items, which will surely capture the imagination of customers all over the world. We guarantee that our products do not involve any form of child labour and use of banned animal items. Importers from foreign countries are requested to contact us on marketing@ghrssidc.org for bulk inquiries and export orders.