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In the beautiful state of Goa, traditional crafts are really important. Things like pottery and colorful fabrics are not just part of the culture, they also help people make a living. One group that helps with this is the Goa Handicrafts Rural & Small Scale Industries Development Corporation, or GHRSSIDC LTD for short. It was started by the government in 1980 to help support and promote these crafts and to help the people who make them. Goa Handicrafts Rural & Small Scale Industries Development Corporation
Promoting HandicraftsGHRSSIDC markets local handicrafts to support artisans and preserve traditional art.
Supplying GoodsFacilitates distribution of handicrafts to government agencies and corporations.
Training and Skill DevelopmentOffers training to artisans and youth to improve their craft and competitiveness.
Organizing EventsHosts exhibitions and melas for artisans to showcase their work and connect with buyers.
Supporting Clay Idol MakersProvides subsidies to clay idol makers to sustain this traditional craft.

Supplying Goods and Services

goods and services

Training and Skill Development

skill development

Supporting Clay Idol Makers

GHRSSIDC offers subsidies to clay idol makers as part of its special initiatives. These subsidies help sustain the traditional craft of idol-making, especially during festivals and religious events. By providing financial aid to clay idol makers, GHRSSIDC safeguards this ancient craft, ensuring it remains a vital aspect of Goan cultural heritage.

clay idol

The Goa Handicrafts Rural & Small Scale Industries Development Corporation plays a vital role in supporting and promoting the handicraft industry in Goa. Through its various initiatives, the corporation empowers artisans, preserves traditional art forms, and contributes to the socio-economic development of the state. As Goa continues to evolve, organizations like GHRSSIDC serve as guardians of its rich cultural heritage, ensuring that the legacy of Goan handicrafts thrives for generations to come.

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